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About Us

The Company

Founded in 2010 JBGE is now a global commodities trading company.

From the onset, our management team aimed at becoming a global commodities Trading company. Our culture is grounded in service, quality, efficiency and consistency. Thanks to a rigorous approach to risk management and compliance, JBGE is now one of the fastest growing privately owned businesses of its type in the world.

Having begun with a focus on import and export of all types of goods, our activities now encompass a wide range of dry bulk commodities. Hoping to expand to others in the near future. 

We have also grown the physical elements of our business and operate a significant portfolio of assets, including production, logistics and storage interests.

We trade in more than 10 countries, with our main offices in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Accra (Ghana) to facilitate the Africa – Asia trade.

We are driven by values

To become a household name by applying and delivering on our core visions and strategies. Inspiring, earning trust and loyalty from customers, our suppliers and communities.


Our team collaborates with farmer unions to ensure a continuous supply of commodities for our clients


The logistics team has a strong bond with our transportation partners to fast track delivery while ensuring quality of the commodity

Delivery & After sales

Our communication and quality unit always ensure commodities are delivered on time and at the quality expected

James Alanyo


Ha Phuong Mai

Project Manager


Trade & import-export company limited